Old Stage Road

Coming home from Oregon in 2005, we turned off I-5 at Yreka, and went south on the Old Stage Road, built as a toll road from Yreka to Redding in the nineteenth century. I got out in the long grass and took a string of photographs of the meadows full of cattle. and the snowy mountain towering over all. I stitched them all together in triptych format and showed them to my Siskiyou friend in Death Valley. He said he wanted it. He was looking at my nine-foot-wide triptych of Trona Pinnacles. "OK," I said, now as to size, you don't want anything huge as that. Six feet wide is very impressive, but will still fit on an average wall. Three feet wide is nice too, but I have some scruples about making a miniature of Mt. Shasta. "NO!" He said. "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I WANT IT NINE FEET WIDE!" "Do you have a nine-foot wall?" "Yes! I have a cathedral beamed ceiling!"