The Golden Spike

The Golden Spike

In the fall of 2004, just before Death Valley, I shipped the finished painting to Virginia. This was the first work I ever tried to ship anywhere. I was anxious. I took it to a professional packer. I had it insured. I sent it second day air, at great expense (it was 24 X 36 inches and framed) because the shipper (whom I shall not name) assured me it would be less likely that way for some oaf to drive a fork-lift through it. They gave me a tracking number...

From which it became obvious almost at once that the painting was going by ground, not air. I went to the shippers and complained. They said "Sorry, well get it back and re-send it air."

"No," I said "you won't; you'll refund me some money."

It was time to leave for Death Valley. In helpless horror, I tracked the painting to Philadelphia, then south to Florida, then back to Philadelphia. Then came the two day trip to Death Valley with no internet connection. In Death Valley I took my laptop to the Visitor Center hotspot, to learn the painting had reached its owner undamaged. She loved it.

Every time I see wild sunflowers I think about that.